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Does BO Ever Shut Up?

This page features links to both the weekly BO radio address and the Republican response.  Caution:  read warnings below before listening to either of these audios:


wh weeklybo
BO’s Weekly Address to His Messiah’s Subjects

09/26/2009 Address to His subjects



Republican response to BO’s Weekly Address to His Messiah’s Subjects

 Republican response to 09/26/09 weekly address



    Warning:  BO’s address will most likely have one of the following effects on you:


  • put you to sleep Zzzzzzzzzzz…I closed Gitmo…I…inherited…previous administrations…Zzzzzzzzz…worst economic…recovery…stimulus…Zzzzzzzzzz…
  • the stimulus is working

  • make you wanna hurl, throw things at the computer screen, or scream “You Lie!” during a joint session of Congress, shattering all observances of polite society. (Whatever)


  • inspire you to become an instrument of “social justice” by joining ACORN, SEIU, Apollo Alliance, Tides Foundation, Blue Green Alliance, War Resisters league, Black Panthers, Rev. Wright’s church, or and to help lift up society by smuggling 13-year-olds into the America’s pedophile sex trade,acornbluegreen allianceapollo alliancereverand wrightseiublack panthertides foundationserve_govwar resisters league


sing “Yo Mama Voted For Obama” to your children while dressed in full camo, or threaten your fellow citizens with bodily harm at the next “teabaggers” townhall.

mommy dems always safe



    Warning:  The Republican response is just likely to make you miss Ronald Reagan.

    Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan











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