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Honor Badges ;)

I consider it a badge of honor to be called names by people on the Left.  Here is my honor badge collection.  They are a friendly bunch, aren’t they?

Always remember:  Pioneers take the arrows.


a badge of honor_being called names by libtards2 badge of honor8badge of honor2badge of honor3badge of honor6badge of honorbadge of honor4badge of honor7badge of honor5

Check back!  Updated daily!

People who name call have no argument to make:



2 Responses to “Honor Badges ;)”

  1. Debbie aka patriotgirl ;-) said

    Love the wall babe – All they can hurl is insults because they have NO IDEA what the facts are!!!

  2. Yes, their answer to facts is always attack the messenger. I’m proud to be the messenger!

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