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About Parrotpatriot

Man up and take responsibility for your freedom. 

Parrotpatriot’s great, great, great, great, great-grandfather isn’t here to do it for you.


After Gates defeat, I again entered the Service in the State Troops as a volunteer, and served for 2 years. I was commanded by Col. Frederick Kimbold [Kimball] and General Thomas Sumpter. It was in this tour I was severely wounded in a battle with the Tories at a place near Camden South Carolina called Granny’s Quarters. I don’t know of anyone who can testify to my service, but I recollect of seeing General Jackson now president, at the Waxhaw Meeting house, the day it was burnt. I was then wounded – he I have no doubt has forgotten me – but if he has not, he can only recollect me by the name of Old John Nealy of Waxhaw.
-Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements pension application of John NealyIMG_6766

John was in the battle at Sullivan’s Island, the first American victory in the early summer, 1776. When word of this victory reached Congress, it inspired them to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. John was in the service in South Carolina and then Georgia for several years during the American Revolution. He was known as “Hellnation Nealy” and received 9 battle scars as a result of this fight for our freedom. Think about that. That’s how important securing liberty for himself and his posterity was to him. His posterity became the “Parrott” family.  I won’t take his sacrafice for granted. It’s in the blood. I’m a patriot. I won’t be silent. I can’t be silent.  It’s impossible.  I am strong willed and angry like the Scotch-Irish from whom I’m descended.  I am the red-haired grandchild that my great, great, great grandmother always wanted.  I’ll be described the same way she was when I’m gone.  “That parrotpatriot was “firey”,” they’ll say about me.  And then they’ll laugh hysterically at all the stupid things I did to get myself in trouble with my mouth and the words that come out of it.  And when they do, they will most certainly wonder if, like Grandma Page, I’ve buried my silver and two enemy soldiers in the backyard.

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Special thanks to Connie, the conure in the local pet store. Connie, if I had $650, you would be mine, and I promise I would play with you every day for the next 30 years. And I have no doubt I would learn to sleep through your squaking. After all, I am the only kid who actually fell sleep at naptime.



One Response to “About Parrotpatriot”

  1. Love the write up from your Greaaaatttt GrandPa Hellnation Neely!! Way too cool!

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