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Diversity Czar – Mark Lloyd

From Glenn Beck’s Insider email:

FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd is Obama’s media guru and the guy who says the Fairness Doctrine doesn’t go far enough. He’s actually advocated forcing people to step down from their media posts so they can be replaced with minorities. Seton Motley of the Media Research Center joined Glenn to talk more on Lloyd, but also about a new group whose influence is growing in Washington: Free Press. Sounds peachy, but two of the founders of this group are Marxists and want to ‘overthrow the capitalist system’ itself. Charming, no?


Federal Communications Commissioner Robert McDowell said Tuesday that statements about regulating freedom of speech in broadcasting made by FCC Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd are “troubling.”  Everyone should be concerned when federal regulators have the power to impact freedom of speech, McDowell added.

Currently, an entity may own no more than eight stations in a large market. Lloyd’s recommendation, were it to become policy, could force station owners carrying programs such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin to sell their stations.


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