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Governmental ("Single-Payer") Health Care

They now claim that you’ll be able to keep your private healthcare insurance, but in the past, BO has made it clear he sought to make the government the single payer, which is most certainly what will happen if the government becomes both a player and the referee of the market.


Why is that a problem? You might be able to point to surveys or statistics that show socialized medicine works well. Indeed, in some cases perhaps it does. However, the free market will always do the most good for the largest number of people. Despite the media’s attempt to sale you on government healthcare, check out these horror stories. Granted, they are antecdotal, but there are a whole bunch of them! Consider what my friend told me when I told her I was going to break up with my boyfriend: “You’ll just be trading one set of problems for another.”

But what this really comes down to is your freedom of choice – a freedom you only have in a capitalist system, not one where your only choice is the government.

Andrew Wilkow does a great job of explaining the concept of rights and responsibilities in an altruistic society.

Here is an interesting article called, 10 Surprising Facts about American Health Care from the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Here is a website from England’s National Health Service describing a program they implemented to decrease wait times to only 18 weeks , which is an improvement over the 2 year wait times they had when the program started in 2004!

In the early 1990s waits of more than six months for a first outpatient appointment were not uncommon, and tens of thousands of people waited more than two years for an operation. But since December 2008, the longest should wait after being referred by your GP until you start your treatment is 18 weeks – that is, unless you choose to delay treatment or there is a clinical reason why you should wait longer. Wherever possible, you will wait less than this, with the average wait being around eight weeks. Any hospital appointments, tests, scans or other procedures that you may need before being treated will all happen within this maximum time limit.

18 weeks is about delivering the right care, at the right time, of the right quality and without unnecessary delays.

“Without unnecessary delays”? Are they serious? You have to check out the video describing the program here.


One Response to “Governmental ("Single-Payer") Health Care”

  1. Newzworth said

    Nobody likes to play a sport when its your team against the Refs..
    Thanks for posting my youtube video of Wilkow on Rights vs. Responsibilities.

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