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Stupid Liberal Arguments to make for Dummies on the web

Posted by parrotpatriot on October 8, 2009

 OK, this is the most freekin’ hilarious thing I’ve seen in…well, since last night when I saw the latest BO approval rating poll. This website actually provides left-wing ideologue know-it-all commies with “ready-made responses to counter conservative misinformation”. I kid you not. It’s Stupid Liberal Arguments for Dummies on the web. The website claims:

Media Matters Action Network’s “Email Checker” will provide ready-made responses to counter conservative misinformation contained in the most common and most egregious chain and viral emails. This tool will allow you to swiftly respond to emails with fact-based replies.

Damn, that’s going to suck when they get stuck with one of the less common and egregious chain and viral emails.   (By the way, “viral” – sounds bad like H1N1, doesn’t it? Or maybe herpes. Why am I now thinking about Kathleen Sebeluis and David Letterman? I don’t think that was the desired effect of those words.)  

So just what is a left-wing ideologue, know-it-all commie to do if he or she is blind sided (victim!) with a well-thought out, sound, valid argument from the right (and they usually are if they are coming from the right), and he can’t find a stupid liberal argument to make at the Media Matters action network? What then? Geez, it’s like these people can’t think for themselves or something.

ACORN red shirts

ACORN red shirts

ACORN blue shirts

ACORN blue shirts

ACORN orange hats with scripted prayers to BO in hand

ACORN orange hats (with scripted prayers to BO in hand)


Among some of the more roll on the floor laughing arguments Media Matters makes is the one in their response to Rep. Mike Rogers brilliant opening statement on Health Care reform in Washington, D.C., in which he said,

According to… the National Cancer Intelligence Centre for the United Kingdom and the Canadian Cancer Registry…If you get prostate cancer, you have a less chance of survivability than you do in the United States. And that’s the same for skin cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer, leukemia, and the list goes on and on and on.

MM sites the same study that Rogers does and says to include this in your stupid liberal response:

In fact, Cuba’s system even showed a higher survival rate for breast cancer, although researchers admit that may have been due to poor record-keeping.

 BAAAHAAAA! Really? They have such good health care in Cuba that they don’t have time to keep up with all the paperwork? Is that it?

Then MM suggests you say:

The Washington Post fact-checked a similar claim by former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on prostate cancer. The newspaper noted that a key reason for the difference in survival rates was that the United States has an emphasis on early screening, while Britain is several years behind. Those early screenings catch the disease earlier and increase the chance of survival, so it’s reasonable to think that Britain’s rate will improve.

Will improve? Really? You mean after they have achieved their goal of decreasing the wait time to just a few short 18 weeks they might actually be able to increase the chance of survival? [See also earlier post.]

Media Matters then goes for the jugular (snicker!) with this:

According to, the top contributors to Congressman Rogers’s campaign for 2009-2010 are the National Association of Retail Druggists ($6,000), the Pharmaceuticals and Health Products Industry ($35,800), Insurance companies ($28,500) and Health Professionals ($19,550).

Really? People donate to Rogers campaign? That’s bad right? Because I’m sure Rogers is the only politician who gets money from any evil profiteers. Do we even need to waste our time with that one?

Ah, what the hell. You know that guy George Soros? The guy who’s all tangled up with ACORN and the rest of BO&Co? From Discover The

Media Matters has not always been forthcoming about its high-profile backers. In particular, the group has long labored to obscure any financial ties to George Soros. But in March 2003, the Cybercast News Service (CNS) detailed the copious links between Media Matters and several Soros “affiliates”—among them, the Center for American Progress, and Peter Lewis. Confronted with this story, a spokesman for the organization explained that “Media Matters for America has never received funding directly from George Soros” (emphasis added), a transparent evasion.

Nor were groups cited by CNS the only connection between Media Matters and Soros. As investigative journalist Byron York has noted, another Soros affiliate that bankrolled Media Matters was the New Democratic Network. In addition, Soros is reported to be involved in the newly formed Democracy Alliance, a partnership of some 80 affluent financiers who each have vowed to contribute $1 million or more in order to build up an ideological infrastructure of leftist thinks tanks and advocacy groups. News reports list Media Matters as a main beneficiary of the Alliance’s funding. By August of 2004, Media Matters’ operating budget had already doubled to $4 million.

To summarize, Soros and his Open Society Institute pour millions of dollars into the coffers of MoveOn, the Center for American Progress, and Democracy Alliance. In turn, these organizations funnel some of that money to Media Matters.

Then, don’t forget to sign your letters:

So now that you know the truth, what will you do with it? Let’s stop forwarding this video and start forwarding the facts.

Voila! Now you’ve made your Stupid Liberal Arguments and you can quickly return your head to the sand.


5 Responses to “Stupid Liberal Arguments to make for Dummies on the web”

  1. George Jefferson said

    So now you are deleting my comments?


  2. George Jefferson said

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    Most of your content is straight out of the Glenn Beck playbook, in fact you blog about taking notes from his diatribes. Please stop your flimsy attempt at positioning yourself as a thought-leader in order to slam liberals. What you are posting is not original.

    FYI, the term “viral” in context to email is an Internet meme that has been around for years. It is a commonly accepted term to describe an email that spreads rapidly from person to person. There were no implications being made by the use of that term, they are just speaking in Internet parlance. But you’re a notable conservative blogger, are probably already knew that, right? BTW, an example of a “viral email” was the message that circulated during the election that accused Obama of being a secret muslim? You remember, the one you probably believed and forwarded to your friends. The same accusation that’s been debunked since. The current accusations du jour will also be debunked one day and proved, by history, to be the ramblings of simple-minded bigots.

  3. I love when I get to George Jefferson. Makes me feel all warm inside.

  4. George Jefferson said

    Got to me? You’re the one who deleted my original comments. I don’t use profanity or post obscene content on your blog. But I understand, it pains you to have a dissenting opinion on your blog. However, deleting comments is just bad etiquette. So I ask, a little more respect please. Besides, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have any traffic to your blog.

    I have an idea – if I promise to click on your Google ads, will you let my comments stay?

  5. I’ve never deleted any of your comments, George. Perhaps, if you think you’re wasting your time on my blog, you should find something better to do. You have spent a lot of time here. I’m starting to think you really like me.

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