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Where does Michelle O. Get Her Fashion Sense?

Posted by parrotpatriot on September 28, 2009

Look, I will be the first to tell you I have NO fashion sense.  I’m the one you made fun of in school because I was still rolling up my shorts or popping my collar after they both went out of style.  As I got older, I stopped trying.  The way I figure it, why the hell would I want to dress like everybody else anyway?  I’m most comforable in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and  I don’t give a rats butt what you think I should wear. I usually don’t care what you’re wearing either as long as I don’t have to look at anything…well –  icky – showing through your clothes.

That said, I do know when something looks really bad, and Michelle Obama’s clothes on a few occasions have been…well…OMG!  What the hell is she thinking?  I mean, not even I would be this far off!  I am reminded of a story of a woman who wore a slutty red dress to make a certain statement at her relative’s wedding once, so I know clothing can make a not-nice statement.  Is MO trying to make a statement?  You decide.

Here MO is meeting Pope Benedict XVI meet for first time in Rome.

michelle o at meeting with pope

To meet THE POPE???  Are you f-ing kidding me?  Was MO inspired by Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video?  Doesn’t she realize that Catholics actually found Madonna’s video to be offensive?

My momma would have never let me go out of the house looking like that.

Then there was this outfit Kevin Jackson of The Blacksphere found at Pundit &  This, the angry MO wore to the Medal of Honor Award ceremony of  Army Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti!!!!  Green shoes.  She wore green shoes and this fugly party dress to an award ceremony for a fallen American hero.  This makes me so sick I want to spit. 

michelle o at badge of honor ceremony2

OK, now check this out.  Today I may have discovered who is dressing her.  I found this today…guess where I got it!!??

from trinity church website

A place where Africa is a part of one’s theology, of course!:  Trinity United Church of Christ

I wish these people loved MY country.


5 Responses to “Where does Michelle O. Get Her Fashion Sense?”

  1. George Jefferson said

    This post pretty much sums up your motivation…a hatred for people who are different than you…AKA xenophobia.

    Why don’t you just show your true colors by superimposing the Stars and Bars on a parrot?

  2. George Jefferson said

    Yes, Barack is an American … I’m actually surprised that you’re not a birther. Thank God.

    But if you read my post, I didn’t say that you have a disdain for non-americans..I said people who are “different than you”. Big difference.

  3. Curmudgeon said

    Gosh George Jefferson, I’ve always been of the impression each of us is different from everyone else. I call it individuality. Maybe you have a disdain for your own individuality. Get over it.

    Parrotpatriot, MO probably doesn’t pick her own wardrobe and those that do may be trying to make her look bad. They’re probably enjoying their success.

  4. George Jefferson said

    Curmudgeon, your name is fitting. And yes, everyone has individual traits… that’s a very astute observation.

    Klans-men are all individuals, but they sure do hate anyone who is not white and protestant. They too are xenophobes.

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