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More favorites 9/12 March on D.C. photos (Page 13)

Posted by parrotpatriot on September 21, 2009

STA_8956were not armed this timeyour speech was lie we know itwow the carwe the peoplesolreagan fixed carter palin fix obamapool washington monu and helicopterpool and helicopter GREATERpool 3POOL7pool6pool5pool4poolpediatric czarobamas change freedom into socialismo blah blah blahma2like peas in a podkeep your filthy hands off our healthcareIMG_9313IMG_9312IMG_9310IMG_9309IMG_9308IMG_9306IMG_9297IMG_9265IMG_9257IMG_9251IMG_9249IMG_9230IMG_9211IMG_9209IMG_9198IMG_9142IMG_9287IMG_9140IMG_8883i serve god not obamai pledge to the socialist kingi don't want to be the next clunkercrowd and capitolcoffincapitol up closeIMG_9210and you thought bush was an idiotIMG_9225


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