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Great signs from 9/12 March on D.C. photos (Page 11)

Posted by parrotpatriot on September 17, 2009

hello what about mefrom little acorns mighty marxists growcommie bastardcapitol from pennbanning guns like banning spoonsabc nbc cbs we are watching you1941 is not an instruction manualput your green where the sun don't shingpatriots are on the marchone big ass mistake americano illegal aliens signoh bummahnobama healthcare do not get sicknot repub or dem elect americansits not racist to disagreeladies libertyman with bagpipesliar in chiefobamunismmy work is not your slush fundreform yes govnt control norevolution is brewingsilent no morestop the bs we're watchingsupp
ort free marketssupport the nra2teaparty boat floatterm limits prostitution ringthe truth is you do liethis country was built equal op not resultsuncle sam YOU take a pay cutwashington you answer to me2welfare kills the human spiritwilson is right and shot of capitolwork harder2



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