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9/12 March on D.C. photo & video gallery & my story (Page 1)

Posted by parrotpatriot on September 14, 2009

How many of us were there?  I won’t say I know.  All I know is that it was a MASS OF HUMANITY, and no matter the number, if I’d been in the Capitol building, and this “mob” were coming for me, I’d be scared ****less.

stich 1

On Train headed to Federal Triangle

IMG_8367 inside station
Inside the train station, the crowd erupted into cheers of “U.S.A.”!


IMG_8369 Tyranny resp team



This was taken as we were coming out of the train station, approaching the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania.


This map shows the exit of the Federal Triangle station in bold.
Map of D.C.
Map of D.C.


These pictures were taken at the front of the March at the intersection of 13th and Pennsylvania Avenue early Saturday morning.




Evil Capitalist probably even made a profit

Evil capitalist probably even made a profit


Freedom Plaza was completely filled with people.  I tried to move through the crowd to get onto the plaza, but couldn’t get through.  The crowd was erupting in cheers from what sounded far away.  The crowd SOUNDED huge.  I tried to work through the street on Pennsylvania towards the White House.  I thought I would reach the end of the crowd somewhere.  Finally, I got stuck and couldn’t get through the mass of humanity and turned back around.





At one point I teased a black man about being a racist and he agreed to let me take his picture with his family. I explained to him that my granddaughter is mixed race, and that I wanted her to know the truth about this event – that it wasn’t a bunch of racists like I knew they would say.
A man was saying to get in line with your state flag, but it seemed futile with the number of people.



I found a small empty spot on the end of the wall in front of Freedom Plaza, still trying to get a view of the whole crowd, but not seeing the end of it. From there, I was able to video the men and boys dressed as Revolutionary soldiers marching to the start.




Finally, the march started and I made it a block or two before I stopped at a “No Left Turn” sign (appropriately) in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue and turned back towards the march to video as it came towards me. Also stopped at the sign were three strapping young men from Texas, who ended up being a lot of fun and helping me goad on the crowd. One of them was a math teacher, and after 2+ hours of counting using a conservative formula, he figured 450,000 people had passed us. The people were spread all the way across six lanes of traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue, and we guessed they were moving at a pace of about 50 per second past us. I never saw the end of the march – people were still walking towards me after 2+ hours.


I’ve been to three tea parties this year before this 9/12 March on D.C., including one that was 15,000 people, and another that was 12,000 people. Naturally, this was by far the most moving, most empowering, most breathtaking. There were times I was reduced to tears while standing in the middle of the street watching all those Americans pass by me.  A lot of people saw my tears and nodded or otherwise expressed their understanding in my emotion.  They were REAL America – the people who make this country work. They were all ages and races, although whites did outnumber all other minorities (which bothers me greatly because I think the white slave owners of today are in the Democratic party and organizations like ACORN, etc.) They were the pierced and tattooed, old and young, in wheelchairs or walking. There were children on their daddy’s shoulders, adults with their aging parents. It was quite a sight. It was a huge mass of humanity.

A couple of times I saw a helicoptor in the sky and everyone wondered if Barack Obama would see us as he cowardly left for Minnesota to get out of town. We waved to the helicopters. Later we heard that the White House had said they had not even heard about the march. Like we weren’t even there. Just ignored us. Then the press ignored us the next day. Tens of thousands, they said. Am I living in Iran? In a George Orwell novel?  I kept thinking that if the media wasn’t going to cover this, the only way they would escape demonstrating their bias, absences, and distortions was if BO shut down the internet, because there were at least “tens of thousands” of cameras there.


I saw the most creative posters.  “You Lie”, was a popular one – also “Joe Wilson was right!”.  Also, anti-socialism, anti-stimulus, anti-bailouts, anti-overtaxation, anti-mainstream-state-run-media, anti-communism, anti-Congress themes.  I saw people dressed as Santa Claus, a tea bag, a prisoner with a ball (labeled “debt”) and chain, Lady Liberty with her arms and legs in shackles, and Uncle Sam.  These were all people who agreed with me, who understand what is happening, who have taken the time to understand what liberty really means.  These were my neighbors and co-workers and family and friends.  This was the 4th of July on steroids…times tens of thousands.  😉

After standing for 2+ hours and recording the march as it passed me, I followed the Texans to get to the mall in front of the Capitol.  We turned off Pennsylvania and walked one block to Constitution Avenue, so that we came up on the crowd from behind.  When I first saw the number of people surrounding the reflecting pond, I remember gasping.  I’ve never seen so many people in one place in all my life.  I would say the crowd was 20 feet thick all around the reflecting pool, and acres thick all the way up to the Capitol and on either side of the Capitol. 

stich 3

Every statute was covered in people holding signs and cameras. I watched a woman being helped up onto one of them. A huge sign on the other side of the statue said “We The People”. People were walking all around the streets and side streets between the crowd. Many were taking pictures, or posing for pictures. I found myself drawn to the children. I hoped their parents didn’t mind when I stopped and said to their children, “You know you’ll remember this the rest of your life? Do you know how lucky you are to live in this country? You are free.” And every child I said this to smiled and said, “Yes.” They are the future of this country and I felt compelled to make sure they knew it, but they’d apparently already learned that lesson without my busy-body self!!

brave soul with pub op now sign2

I only saw one news truck on the mall – Fox News. I walked all around the whole event taking pictures for hours. There was ONLY ONE brave soul who dared to take a large “Public Option Now” sign through a small section of the crowd fanning out from the Capitol.  He was flanked by about 15 police officers, and no one was making any trouble, but many were making an outer circle around the police officers and cheering, “No public option!”.   Mostly police officers were standing around or sitting on horses or bicycles looking like they had nothing to do.  I heard there were no arrests.  I made it onto the yard directly in front of the Capitol and sat down after several hours of walking, talking, crying, laughing, and taking pictures.  I was in heaven.
I stayed long after the event was over.  As people were leaving, I noticed all the trash cans were overflowing, and that trash that would not fit in the cans, was pilled up next to them.


IMG_9293trash can
I got into a conversation with a man who had noticed the same thing and was reminded of stories of all the mess that was left by the crowd after the ignaguration.  The man reached into his pocket and pulled out the corner of a piece of bubblegum wrapper and said, “This is all I could find to pick up.”  I took pictures of law enforcement standing on the now empty yard in front of the Capitol looking as though they didn’t know what to do with themselves.  The yard was…well, I think this story can be better told in pictures and with one video from youtube…



2 Responses to “9/12 March on D.C. photo & video gallery & my story (Page 1)”

  1. This is a terrific report, terrific pics and videos. Thank you for being there. What an important day!

  2. BTW, loved the trash analysis.

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