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The Statists in Massachusetts Live On

Posted by parrotpatriot on September 7, 2009

True to form, the Statists in Massachusetts government are looking to change the law back and forth as it suits them. Ted Kennedy’s last public act here on Earth was to write a letter to Gov. Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray and House Speaker Robert DeLeo “to ask lawmakers to change state law to allow an interim Senate appointment to serve until a special election can be held.”

Sounds reasonable enough, right?

But Republicans point out that just five years ago, the Democrat-controlled Massachusetts House and Senate changed the state law to block then-Gov. Mitt Romney from naming a fellow Republican to fill the seat if Kerry, the Democrats’ presidential nominee, won his White House campaign.

In Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny,in the chapter entitled “On The Constitution”, Levin explains the importance of laws that bind:

Why should today’s law bind future generations if yesterday’s law does not bind this generation? Why should judicial precedent bind the nation if the Consitution itself does not? Why should any judicial determination based on a judge’s notion of what is “right” or “just” bind the individual if the individual believes the notion is wrong and unjust? Does not lawlessness beget lawlessness? Or is not the Statist really saying that the law is what he says it is, and that is the beginning and end of it?

We are a Republic – a nation of Law. The Law of the Land is King. That’s so we aren’t ruled by dictators. Watch this video about the American Form of Government and political systems.

Now contrast all of that with, from the MSNBC article, the quote from John Walsh, chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party:

“This debate shouldn’t be about what happened in 2004,” Walsh said. “Really, the debate is what’s good for the voters in 2009 going forward.”

Going forward?? Humph. I believe Mr. Walsh means until the next time the Statists need the law to suit them. After all, the law is what you say it is, right?


2 Responses to “The Statists in Massachusetts Live On”

  1. George Jefferson said

    That’s just politics as usual. No conspiracy or liberal plot. Conservatives try to pull the same crap too.

    Do you realize that you’re being manipulated by conservative demagogues? You seem to be about 2 Glenn Beck “special investigations” away from a ze hail.

  2. George, for someone who believes my blog is “fringe and ridiculous”, you sure are spending a lot of time here.

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