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Blogger Fodder

Posted by parrotpatriot on August 28, 2009

There is so much blogger fodder out there, I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll just give you a list of some of what’s on my radar today:

H.R. 45

Human Events sent an e-mail out today about H.R. 45, a piece of legislation that would:

*Increase requirements for firearms purchases, far beyond those ever proposed.

*Create a national firearms registry overseen by the Federal Government.

*Invoke Draconian penalties for bookkeeping errors related to the Federal Firearms Database.

*Require you to pass a written examination to purchase a firearm.

*Require you to release your medical records — including confidential mental health records — to the government to get your “fitness” to own a firearm approved.

*Observe a two-day waiting period before all firearms purchases.

*Pay a gun tax of $25 or more on all firearm purchases.

*Bans all private firearms sales and maximizes penalties for minor clerical errors in dealing with the national gun registry.

The most chilling part of this for me is not that crazy folks like me won’t be “fit” to own a gun and therefore will be ill-equipped to defend ourselves, but that the government will have all gun owners’ information on file! In the e-mail, Dudley Brown, Executive Director for the National Association for Gun Rights says,

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that gun registration is the first step on the road toward totalitarian confiscation of all firearms by a federal power. In fact, the most brutal dictators of the last century were famous for their gun registration and confiscation schemes.

It was easy work for Hitler’s brown-shirt Gestapo to confiscate the firearms of German citizens because years earlier, well-meaning liberals had forced all guns to be registered with the government … all in the name of safety.

When Hitler came to take their guns, he had a list of who owned every gun and where they lived!

The link to sign a  petition to stop H.R. 45 is here.

You can download the lesislation and read statements made in the House by Jerry Moran of Kansas and Denny Rehberg of Montana by clicking on one of these icons:


Glenn Beck

The other news of the day is Glenn Beck’s day 5 in his series about the BO administration. You can see the past episodes at PatriotGirl blog here.  This is a great series called “The New Republic”, and I’m still going through the videos myself.  Here are my notes so far and I’ll update as I learn and research more:

  • Cloward/Piven Strategy – 2 Columbia professors plan to end poverty by getting everyone on welfare, overwhelming the system, organizing communities to pressure the system, causing crisis, system collapses and then a new system can be put in place.  Their idea for new system was communism??  socialism?  What is the system that they want to put in place?  Where are the 1000+ page bills coming from?  Who types that fast?  Is there a system already ready to go?
  • National debt clock – $12 trillion in bailouts, $644 trillion toxic assets, $38 trillion Medicare fraud…$191,832 per citizen.
  • Proposed theory = goal is to make government and the executive branch more powerful than anything else. [Oligarchy?]
  • Black Panthers not prosecuted by BO’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.
  • “Washington has made itself the enemy of the people,” says Democrat Pat Caddell.
  • John Holdren, science czar = National Energy Comm
  • Jason Grummet = on board of National Energy Comm.
  • social justice, green movement, labor unions – whose using whom?
  • Mark Lloyd, diversity officer czar, free speech based on race, not on diversity of opinion?
  • Cass Sunstein = animal rights nut, friend of Peter Singer, regulatory czar-to-be, champions the “2nd Bill of Rights”, thinks animals should have the right to sue (WTH??)
  • Peter Singer = chair of ethics ____, people aren’t human until they are 2 years old, infanticide
  • Brian Deese = cash for clunkers; destruction of assets
  • RAW – militant marches
  • Revolutionary Communist Party
  • Van Jones = Apollo Alliance = Apollo Alliance is believed to be the authors of both the stimulus bill and cap and trade bills.  (See “legislation“.); Yale to jail to communism to STORM = Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement = “Reclaiming Revolution” = espoused Marxism, Communism, Chairman Mao
  • John Podesta = Zero Population Growth
  • Wade Rathke
  • SEIU
  • Jeff Jones = Weather Underground

Ding Dong the Ted is Dead

Then of course you have the death of the murderer, Ted Kennedy, who actually was heard making JOKES about Chappequiddick! OMG! That is so sick. Oh it makes me physically ill.




Dear God, please be with this woman’s family as the media applauds her killer.

Mary Jo Kopechne 1940-1969 (aged 28)

Mary Jo Kopechne 1940-1969 (aged 28)


One Response to “Blogger Fodder”

  1. Debbie aka patriotgirl ;-) said

    Great note taking on the Beck videos… definite agreement on Mary Jo…. so sad they make him out to be a hero.

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