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Kennedy & Byrd should be glad I'm not the judge

Posted by parrotpatriot on August 26, 2009

It says something that Senator Robert Byrd, former KKK “Exalted Cyclops” is going to miss Ted Kennedy.


From wikipedia:

Byrd joined the Ku Klux Klan when he was 24 in 1942. His local chapter unanimously elected him Exalted Cyclops. According to Byrd, a Klan official told him, “You have a talent for leadership, Bob… The country needs young men like you in the leadership of the nation.” Byrd later recalled, “suddenly lights flashed in my mind! Someone important had recognized my abilities! I was only 23 or 24 years old, and the thought of a political career had never really hit me. But strike me that night, it did.”

Did it indeed! Byrd is the only decrepit old fart who has been in the Senate longer than Ted Kennedy. Today Byrd said, “My heart and soul weeps at the lost of my best friend in the Senate, my beloved friend, Ted Kennedy…I prayed this day would never come.”

To which I say: We are all going to die, Bob. Just ask Rahm Emanuel and his brother.

Byrd went on to suggest the healthcare bill be renamed in honor of the murderer, Ted Kennedy.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to play kissie-face with reality here. Kennedy has finally met his maker. That should be a time for celebration, not remorse. He drowned a woman who was pregnant with his baby and could ruin his chances for a run for president. Period. End of story. He’s in hell if I am the judge, but I’m no God. And God is very forgiving. “All-caring, omnipotent God” as Byrd says. (Aren’t you glad I’m not the judge?)

But I digress… Today the news out of the UK is that hundreds of women are having to give birth in ambulances, toilets, and hallways. This is what Ted Kennedy wanted for you. He, like the rest of Congress and other members of the political elite, would not have had to be part of the government system.

I guess I should feel sorry for him. I mean, he was born rich, so he never developed character that comes with financial struggles. Never developed the character that comes from accepting responsibility for one’s actions.

And it showed.

Yes, that is very sad.


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