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Americans spend more on health care

Posted by parrotpatriot on August 15, 2009

I keep hearing the argument that we spend too much on health care in America and don’t get as much life expectancy in return. Well hello? Of course we spend more. BECAUSE WE CAN! We are some of the richest people in the world so of course we would spend more. Thank God I have the choice to spend money on a dying relative if I want to. God forbid that choice be taken from me and given to the government to make.

Take for example a woman I worked with who has been fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma for several years. She and her family and friends have been raising money to pay for her health care and have for years been fighting this horrible disease. Anywhere else in the world, she would be dead. In fact, in some countries, if her family had paid for her health care they would be breaking the law.  (I should mention here that so far no doctor has seen fit to amputate her legs.)


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