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The "Fishy" get fishy e-mails

Posted by parrotpatriot on August 14, 2009

OK, here I go displaying my paranoia:  I actually found a weird application on my Facebook page yesterday.  It was called “” and it linked me to the White House Facebook page.  I deleted it immediately.  I’d be interested to know if anyone else has seen this.  Go to your “applications” tab (mine’s on the bottom left of my FB page) to see if “” is listed, and let me know.  I’d like confirmation that I’m not crazy.  Can this really be happening?

Well, yes.  It could really be happening.  Here is Gibbs, WH press secretary trying to explain why the White House is sending e-mails to people who never requested e-mails. Perhaps the WH has been collecting data on the “fishy” people out there.




One Response to “The "Fishy" get fishy e-mails”

  1. Sarah said

    OMG! Gibbs is a liar! I was wondering about that, because since Obama’s been elected President, I’ve gotten about 3 emails from White And I NEVER signed up for it either! I was on his campaign email list, but after the election, his campaign team was still sending me emails asking for money. I told them why I was unsubscribing was because he got what he wanted, he’s elected, and I’m not helping Hillary Clinton pay down her debt. Then about a month and a half later, I get an email from the White House, without ever signing up for it! I checked FaceBook, nothing there, but at least I know I’m not the only one that’s happened to….

    PS How to tell when Gibbs is lying?: He smiles too much, considering the seriousness of the question

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