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It's a Brave New World indeed!

Posted by parrotpatriot on August 10, 2009

Ok, now can I be completely freaked out? I mean, the sci-fi writer Phillip K. Dick said, “Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane”, and I think now might be the time to see if the State Asylum in Milledgeville is still taking clients. Here’s a headline that caught my attention:
Stanford prof sequences own genome in a week

And here’s some quotes from the article that have me thinking I could reasonably foresee Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” on the horizon.

It might not be long until there is a gene scanner in every doctor’s office, as DNA sequencing becomes faster and cheaper…Researchers hope cheap gene sequencing will lead to highly customized disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment tailored to an individual’s genetic code…The success of so-called personalized medicine depends not on just reading the letters that make up human genes but in understanding what they mean…In recent years, an avalanche of research has delved into how variations in just a few letters between individuals can mean a greater risk of developing a disease…Scientists have also used genetic differences to predict how individuals will respond differently to the same drug.

Ok, so it’s aways off, but still, I can see it happening. I mean, combine the potential for scientists to start up their own Hatcheries and Conditioning Centre with our government’s goal of “reducing health care costs”, and you can see the potential benefits. And of course the people of the future might be convinced that “for the good of Society” they should have Dr. Government Health Care scan theirs (or perhaps their unborn child’s) DNA.

And then it doesn’t help that the president’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is this much of an authoritarian. I mean, watch this video about “mandatory” voluntary service (lol):


(BTW, “Rahm” in Hebrew means “supreme“, “thunder“, ‘high’ or ‘exalted’ or “Go Screw Yourself”, depending on who you ask.)

Rahm’s book, “The Plan”, talks about “Universal Civil Defense Training”. And in the video/audio above, he emphasises that it will be “a common experience”. I think maybe what he’s talking about is “neo-pavlovian conditioning”, where groups of our impressionable, newly freed-from-Mom&Dad post-adolescents will commonly receive electric shocks every time he or she is heard to utter the words “Constitution”, “freedom”, or “free-speech”. (Use of the phrase “I love Big Brother” is highly encouraged and can even earn credits to offset charges to your fart-monitor & carbon output detector accounts.)

“The Plan” by Rahm Emanuel. I’ll have to go check that out.

But then again, maybe I should read less Sci-fi.


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