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Car Euthanasia

Posted by parrotpatriot on August 10, 2009

It’s Terri Schiavo all over again. Hundreds of perfectly good vehicles – vehicles many poor people would love to have (just as Terri’s parents would have loved to have Terri) – are being branded “clunkers”, just as Terri was called “vegetative”. And like those who watched in horror as many in our country seemed to cheer the “mercy killing” of a woman, we now watch in horror as Expeditions, BMWs, Navigators, Ford and Chevy trucks, Pathfinders, Blazers, Mini-vans, Jeeps and other SUVs are lead quietly to their deaths, mercy killings all. After all, they are “gas-guzzlers”. And outside of a “persistent vegetative state”, what could be worse than being a gas-guzzler?

The debate is over, says Gore. The planet is getting hotter and hotter and we’ve got to do something, right? We’ve got to get the gas-guzzlers off the road. Make way for the smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. The ends justify the means.  It’s what planet Earth would have wanted.

And so the engine is filled with sodium silicate, and then started. Within moments the engine slows until finally, breathing its last, dies forever. Off to the crushers and shredders – maybe after a part here and there is salvaged, but for the most part, no part gets saved.  The steel is then sold to…? Doesn’t China have a big demand for steel now?

But at least it doesn’t take two weeks to put one of these vehicles down.

And so it is with the doctors of death who run the show in Washington these days.



2 Responses to “Car Euthanasia”

  1. George Jefferson said

    Wow. You just compared Terry Schiavo to an old car. That, frankly, is a really tacky metaphor.

    Question: Do you remember during the whole Terry Schiavo ordeal where conservatives were fighting to keep the decision out of her husband’s hands and to allow the GOVERNMENT to decide her fate? Sounds a little like a DEATH PANEL to me, don’t you think?

    • It’s the perfect metaphor. The cars were perfectly good cars just like Terri was a perfectly good human being. Her parents loved her and were willing to take care of her. The government put her to death. That is a death panel.

      See, the Left seeks to destroy, hold down, the Right seeks to lift up, inspire and motivate.

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