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Posted by parrotpatriot on August 6, 2009

I’ve always said truth has a nice ring to it. It is so clear and obvious when it is spoken that it hits you in your gut. I picture myself with a light bulb over my head when I see some new truth. (And I assure you, this kind of light bulb gives out way more energy than Nancy Pelosi & crew could ever wish to regulate with Cap & Trade.)

Lies on the other hand, make me feel creepy-crawly. Sick to my stomach. When I hear something that is not true, I picture myself with a big question mark over my head. Sometimes the words seem, oh I don’t know, squirmy. Like some guy you know to be a complete whore, trying to pick you up at the gym – ick.

Ok, I’m not saying Linda is a whore, but what you are about to see is Linda Douglass, the communications director for the White House Health Reform Office, attempt to set the record straight “on all the disinformation that is out there”. [Is it picky to point out that I think what she means is mis-information and not dis-information?]

If you think I might have taken any of this out of context, here’s Linda’s video:


Here is what she says:

“Hi I’m Linda Douglass. I’m Communications Director for the White House Office of Health Reform, and one of my jobs is to keep track of all the disinformation that is out there about health insurance reform. And there are a lot of very deceiving headlines out there right now. such as this one – take a look at this one. This one says,

Uncovered Video: Obama explains how his health care plan will eliminate private insurance

Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. You know the people who always try to scare people whenever we try to bring them health insurance reform are at it again and they’re taking sentences, and phrases out of context and cobbling them together to leave a very false impression…”

[Cobbling? Who uses that word? I like how she takes off her reading glasses in the next shot – like Hollywood!]

“The truth is that the president has been talking to the American people a lot about health insurance reform and what is at stake for them. So what happens is that because he’s talking to the American people so much, there are people out there with a computer and a lot of free time…”

[Um excuse me, but could there be more opposition to you right now because the working class has been left jobless by our bloated, selfish, political class? You know, the ones who will be opted out of this health plan, with their own doctors, their own salaries they get to vote to increase, their own private jets…? And another thing. What does that mean? That the president is on TV so much that there are plenty of clips to choose from? Well tell him to go away already then!! Please!!]

“…and they take a phrase here and there, they simply cherry pick and put it together and make it sound like he’s saying something that he didn’t really say. Now, for example, here’s a clip that they probably won’t show you…”

[Insert video of BO on July 28, 2009 – just a few days ago when he was trying to convince us that we wanted government health care shoved down our throats. At that time, it looked like he wasn’t going to get his damn bill before his “August deadline.” The video shows a desparate man.]

“And here’s another one:”

[Insert video of BO on June 23, 2009 saying he sees the public plan as “a perfect tool to discipline insurance companies.” Thanks, Linda, you just made my point on several levels.]

“During the August Congressional recess, the members of Congress are going to be back where the health insurance reform debate matters most, and that is in neighborhoods and communities where people are…”

[insert blah blah blah about how bad everything is – conjuring up images of injured and sick people lying in the streets begging for healthcare. Please sir, can’t I just get one flu shot? And one for my son here, please sir, please?]

“…the country’s been waiting for decades for action and we are not going to let them down this time. So, it’s very important for you to have the facts. The clip that you just saw is available on as are many of the president’s statements and speeches. You should take a look at that, see what the president is really saying about health insurance reform and how it effects your life.”

[Decades? What? I’ve been here for almost 4, and I don’t recall that at all. Except for Hillary Clinton, I don’t think I remember anyone wanting this crapola.  Do you? The American people didn’t want Clintoncare then either.]

You see, here’s what Linda may be missing, but most of us aren’t: The bill doesn’t even have to say that you can’t keep your insurance. The thing is, because of the laws of economics and because of government interference in the marketplace, you will only be able to keep it for awhile until the government puts insurance companies out of business. You heard it in Linda’s video: BO says he wants to discipline insurance companies. This is really like making the referee your opposing team. How can an insurance company possibly compete with the one making all the rules of the game? (Have you ever tried to play a game with a competitive 5-year-old? The rules change a lot.)

You see, they now claim that you’ll be able to keep your private healthcare insurance, but in the past, BO has made it clear he sought to make the government the single payer, which is most certainly what will happen if the government becomes both a player and the referee of the market. Think about it, the government will be able to crowd out the insurance companies because it will set the prices based on arbitrary things, not on the things that businesses base prices on. (Like making the bottom line come out green, not red like the Post office, Medicare & Social Security.) Without a profit, there is no use in the insurance companies even being in business, thus, they will shut down. Ultimately, you will be left with the government having complete control over the health care market. Bingo – single-payer system and goal attained!

Which brings me to the question I hope someone can answer for me. What are the trial lawyers going to do when the only health-care provider is the government – and you can’t sue the government? Have they thought that one through? Let me know what you think.

I find it funny that BO & his gang accuse people of spreading untruths about Obamacare, when the reality is, they are doing that to us.

Well, so is it true? Is there really a video showing BO saying he wants to see a single-payer system?

To put it in the words of someone I admire and about whom they’ve told other lies, “You betcha.”:


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