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America Alone?

Posted by parrotpatriot on July 26, 2009

I found these two stories interesting. They were both published today and both concern the wearing of headscarves in the courtroom, but in two very different places in the world:

In Atlanta, GA, they want the freedom TO wear headscarves.

In Gaza Strip, they want the freedom to NOT wear headscarves.

I became interested in Islamic (a.k.a. sharia) law while reading Mark Steyn’s America Alone. Among other things, his book suggests that based on current population trends, America will eventually be alone as the sole “Christian” world power while the rest of the world is increasingly Muslim, and suggests that it is the desire of radical Muslims that we all live under sharia law. (He makes a good case for this!! I recommend the book.)

I also became a huge fan of Mark Steyn and his sense of humor. He says the following in regards to Islamic headresses:

According to some police representatives, this mode of dress somewhat restricts the field of vision, and also offers opportunitites for fleeing bank robbers to disguise themselves as Muslim women. However, nobody wants to be insensitive, do they? And, on the whole, the police were happy to take the Islamic lobby groups at their word that the burqa was a requirement of these women’s faith. But as Greg O’Connor, president of the New Zealand Police Association, couldn’t resist adding, “If one’s belief system was so strong that you didn’t want to show one’s face then perhaps that belief system should extend to not driving.” Indeed. If your clothing can’t evolve out of the camel-train era, maybe your mode of transportation shouldn’t either.



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