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Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren, the elite

Posted by parrotpatriot on July 21, 2009

OK, I’ve been to the library and the bookstore and all over the internet and have come to the conclusion that Paul and Anne Ehrlich and BO’s Go-To-Science-Guy a.k.a. “Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology — informally known as the United States’ Science Czar” John Holdren still believe that there are too many people in the world. They believe that something has to be done to stop over-population, that there aren’t enough resources to go around, blah, blah. They guessed back in 1977 in their book Ecoscience that by now we would all be starving. They suggested that sterilization, forced abortions and permission from the government to reproduce would fit nicely in with the US Constitution because well, they could always say that it was in the best interests of the first born child for the parents not to have any more children and that the firstborn deserves equal protection under the law, etc. But they were wrong and we are not all starving. Now the grant money is in global warming, which, as it so happens, fits in nicely with the over-population thing because, obviously, it is the feebleminded un-sterilized masses that are using up all the energy.

They would say theirs is a scientific approach and that it is about risk management. I would say their attempts to divine the future are laughable, and their desire to play God, heretical. Their lack of faith in nature’s ability to control its own population stuns me – especially considering their apparent faith in nature’s ability to create itself in the first place. Their inability to see the soul in other human beings – be they feebleminded or not – is sad, and I dare say, evil.

I’ve taken up the challenge issued by the White House to look into “some of the dozens of publications that we and he separately have produced in more recent times” and uncover “what we and/or Professor Holdren believe”. I do so with the warning given here in mind:

In truth, I weary of the ‘context game’ in which every controversial statement is always claimed to be ‘out of context’, and no matter how much context is then given, it’s never enough, until one must present every single word someone has ever written – at which point the reader becomes overwhelmed and loses interest. Which is the whole point of the context game to begin with.

But here goes.  Starting with Paul Ehrlich

Here is a book written in 2004 by Ehrlich and his wife called One with Nineveh: Politics, Consumption and the Human Future by Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich, 2004.

With unflinching clarity and directness, it exposes the three elephants in our proverbial living room–overpopulation, overconsumption, and political and economic inequity–that together are increasingly determining today’s politics and shaping humankind’s future. The authors demonstrate the ways these often-neglected factors influence each other, and reveal how we can begin to create a better and more lasting world if we take them seriously into account.

A list of this wack jobs other books can be found here.

I don’t know of the accuracy of this as I just got it off this blog:

“A massive campaign must be launched to de-develop the United States. De-development means bringing our economic system into line with the realities of ecology and the world resource situation.”
– Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Population Studies

“Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.”
– Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

“A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells, the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.”
– Prof. Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb

The other quotes on this page come from BO himself, Al Gore, the UN Commission on Global Governance report [see zombietime article regarding the ‘Planetary Regime’].

Here is Paul R. Ehrlich’s bio at Stanford

This is part of an interesting article I found at

paul ehrlich 1968 population bomb


paul ehrlich 1968 population bomb2

paul ehrlich 1968 population bomb3


paul ehrlich 1968 population bomb4

Finally, The Population Bomb Revisited by Paul Ehrlich written 2009

 Now on to John Holdren

Population explosion


Professor John P. Holdren of the University of California has generated an “optimistic” scenario for solving the population- resource-environment predicament. This envisages population growth halted at 10 billion a century from now, and rich nations reducing their energy consumption to 3 kW a head. His population target is feasible with modest effort, and the reduction in energy consumption could be achieved with technologies already in hand—given the necessary political will—and would produce an increase in the quality of life. This would provide room for needed economic growth in poor nations, which could triple their per-person energy use to 3 kW. Thus the gap between rich and poor nations would be closed, while the total world impact would increase from 13 TW to 30 TW (10 billion x 3 kW)

Here is where John P. Holdren gave a lecture entitled Energy, Climate, and the Human Condition in 2000…

and another one entitled Nuclear Materials Protection, Nonproliferation, and the Future of Nuclear Energy.

And from this blog out of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University:

John Holdren, the chief science adviser in the Obama administration and an environmental policy specialist, recently suggested that geoengineering has to be taken seriously. “It’s got to be looked at,” he told The Associated Press in April. “We don’t have the luxury of taking anything off the table.” Mr. Holdren later clarified that the White House was not strongly considering pursuing geoengineering as a policy.

Above also found here

Here is the AP article from April 8, 2009 where Holdren is quoted as saying the above.

Truly these people are nuts. They are seriously discussing blocking out the sun here.

Technology that could redden the skies and chill the planet is available right now. Within a few years we could cool the Earth to temperatures not regularly seen since James Watt’s steam engine belched its first smoky plume in the late 18th century. And we could do it cheaply: $100 billion could reverse anthropogenic climate change entirely, and some experts suspect that a hundredth of that sum could suffice. To stop global warming the old-fashioned way, by cutting carbon emissions, would cost on the order of $1 trillion yearly. If this idea sounds unlikely, consider that President Obama’s science adviser, John Holdren, said in April that he thought the administration would consider it, “if we get desperate enough.” And if it sounds dystopian or futuristic, consider that Blade Runner was set in 2019, not long after Obama would complete a second term…

Can we say “playing God”?

Read Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb Revisited” written in 2009:


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