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Billboard Claiming Martin Luther King Was Republican Angers Black Activists in Houston

Posted by parrotpatriot on July 14, 2009

Billboard claiming MLK was Republican story

The following comes from the website of the group that put up the billboard in the story above. Their website is: and they say they are “leading America’s 2nd Emancipation”. Makes perfect sense – do you know of any government program that has met its goals? For 30+ years they’ve been trying to feed the poor and yet we still have hungry poor. WTH? Meanwhile, every stinking state that has had Dems running it for years have busted their budgets and people and businesses are fleeing from them. It’s time for blacks to free themselves from the I’m-all-for-the-little-guy-I-understand-you-statist politicians because they don’t really have their best interests in mind.



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