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Windmills and cars with rechargeable batteries

Posted by parrotpatriot on July 13, 2009

OK, here’s what I don’t get: they want to make electricity unbelievably expensive with Cap & Trade, but they also want “new clean energy sources” like windmills and cars you have to plug in to a source of electricity to charge the battery??? But then they can’t do the windmills because they can’t get power to them? Is this not insane?

This is why capitalism is so good: because our choices are still ours, they don’t belong to the government, the government is NOT the only choice [of say…a government doctor].  Choices and political power remain in the hands of the people.

This is ironic. George Orwell’s Animal Farm (published in 1946) in Chapter X:

The windmill, however, had not after all been used for generating electrical power. It was used for milling corn, and brought in a handsome money profit. The animals were hard at work building yet another windmill; when that one was finished, so it was said, the dynamos would be installed. But the luxuries of which Snowball had once taught the animals to dream, the stalls with electric light and hot and cold water, and the three-day week, were no longer talked about. Napoleon had denounced such ideas as contrary to the spirit of Animalism. The truest happiness, he said, lay in working hard and living frugally.


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