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Judicial or legislative branch of government?

Posted by parrotpatriot on July 13, 2009

Mark Levin does THE best job of explaining why the Constitution should NOT be considered a “living, breathing document” in his book Liberty & Tyranny (which has been on the bestseller list since it came out several months ago). He points out that the Constitution is a contract, made with the purpose of restraining the power of the government and thereby keeping the political power in America IN the hands of INDIVIDUALS by dispersing it among them. Because the Constitution is supposed to BIND (by being binding, NOT living and breathing) the leaders of this country, they will have to convince you that the law is NOT binding on them so that they can become an oligarchy. Which, I think, they’ve already done.


Mark Levin says on page 39 of Liberty & Tyranny,

Why should today’s law bind future generations if yesterday’s law does not bind this generation? Why should judicial precedent bind the nation if the Constitution itself does not? Why should any judicial determination based on a judge’s notion of what is “right” or “just” bind the individual if the individual believes the notion is wrong and unjust? Does not lawlessness beget lawlessness? Or is not the Statist really saying that the law is what he says it is, and that is the beginning and end of it? And if judges determine for society what is right and just, and if their purpose is to spread democracy or liberty, how can it be said that the judiciary is coequal with the executive or legislative branch?

We are suppose to have 3 equal branches of government:

Here’s Sotomayor saying “…the Court of Appeals is where policy is made…”, which is legislating from the bench.



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